Max Weight:
2,000 Lb / 907 Kg
Display Type:
16 Character LCD w/ LED Blacklight
Display Resolution:
0.2 Lb / /1 Kg
0.1% +/- 1 digit of displayed resolution
Display Units:
Pounds / Kilograms
120VAC 50-60 Hz
Auto Zero:
Scale will track zero.
Auto Weigh:
The scale will automatically turn on and lock in stable weight.
Last stable weight is automatically stored in memory. Press "RECALL" to retrieve.
Two (2) Years

Product Overview

SRV720 Built In-Floor Zoo Scale

This in-floor scale is designed to blend into the exhibit floor, allowing ease of weight gathering on many types and sizes of animals while providing years of reliable service.

The scale's durable stainless frame is coated with an aggregate infused polyurea coating that provides a slip-free surface for animals, reducing the fear of slipping animals often associate with a scale.

The scale incorporates hermetically sealed load cells and remote display allowing for complete wash down of the scale.

Key Features

  • Remote Display - The readout is placed within a sealed NEMA 4x enclosure with a latching acrylic door.
  • Touchless Remote Operation - The scale will automatically turn on and lock the highest stable weight.
  • Large Weighing Surface - The scale's large 36" x 54" (SRV720-5) and 48" x 48" (SRV720-2) anti-skid surface makes it ideal for gathering weight on a variety of large or small animals.
  • Capacity - 2,000 Lbs or 907 Kgs
  • Power - Continuous AC power provides maintenance free operation.