Max Weight:
2,000 Lb / 907 Kg
Display Resolution:
.2 Lb / .1 kg
Button Functions:
Zero/Weigh, lb/kg
Display Units:
Pounds / Kilograms
Two people can easily move scale to point of use.
One 9 volt Battery
Scale Weight:
140 lbs.
Two (2) Years

Product Overview

SRV711B Zoological Platform Scale

This large mobile platform scale makes gathering weight for lions, tigers, bears and other large animals both easy and safe whether being weighed in their habitat or holding cage.

The scale's durable stainless frame is coated with an aggregate infused polyurea coating that provides a slip free surface for animals eliminating the slipping fear animals often associate with a scale.

The scale incorporates hermetically sealed load cells and remote display allowing for complete wash down of the scale.

Key Features

  • Remote Display - The scale comes with a handheld remote display which can be located up to 14' from the scale.
  • Large Weighing Surface - The scale's large 36" x 54" anti-skid surface makes it ideal for gathering weight on large hoofstock or turtles.
  • Capacity - 2,000 Lbs. or 907 Kgs.
  • Portable - Two people can easily carry the scale to where the animal is to be weighed. Simply place on a hard flat surface.
  • Power - One 9 volt battery provide up to 2,000 weigh cycles.