Product Overview

Waterpark Scales: Model SR1600 series

SR“Purpose-Built” waterpark scales are designed to move riders quickly and safely using a Go/No Go light system. This provides ride operators a tool to quickly and decisively qualify riders while minimizing potential guest embarrassment and the potential for confrontations.

SR waterpark scales are built from 316 stainless steel and coated with a chemical resistant, tough, non-slip surface (available in four colors). Combined with the scales’ hermetically sealed load cells, these platforms are designed to supply years of maintenance free use. Scales can be configured with low and high limits where a minimum and maximum weight may be required. Scales are available in six sizes (with or without frames) to accommodate riders and meet manufacturers specified limits for safety. 

Key Features 

  • NON-SLIP SURFACE: The surface of the scale has a polyurea coating infused with an aggregate to provide a highly durable non slip surface. This surface is available in (4) standard colors.
  • (2) LIGHT OUTPUTS: Each SR waterpark scale comes standard with one 12 volt DC LED light system that is weight activated, switching between red and green illumination. The scale’s upper and lower weight limits are easily programmed and can also activate a builtin audible alarm. Every SR waterpark scale comes with two individually programmable light outputs where an optional second light unit can be a dded to the system.
  • ACCURACY: 0.2% +/- 1 digit of displayed resolution
  • POWER: 12 Volt 2000mA DC power supply mounted within the display box. Input: 100-240V AC at 50-60 hz.