Max Weight:
550 Lb / 249 Kg
Display Resolution:
.2 Lb / .1 kg
Button Functions:
On/Zero/Off, Tare, Unit and Hold
Display Units:
Pounds / Kilograms
Freezes the weight on the display
Allows objects to be placed on scale and zeroed out.
Rechargeable battery with DC Adaptor
Scale Surface:
Polyurea surface with aggregate
Auto-Power Down:
Approximately two (2) minutes of non-use
Built-in handle and wheels
Scale Weight:
Scale weighs 38 Lbs.
Two (2) Years

Product Overview

SRV942 Heavy Duty Portable Animal Scale

When you need a scale that is durable and heavy duty, consider the SRV942. While used primarily in stationary veterinary practices, this scale also has a wide range of applications in the zoological field.

The durable steel frame and surface are coated with SR's non-slip polyurea treatment and offer a 550 pound weighing capacity.

The rechargeable battery allows remote weighing when required. The SRV942 is equipped with a wall mount AC adaptor for stationary applications.

The scale is equipped with wheels and a fixed handle to allow for easy transport when required.

Key Features

  • Non-Slip Platform - Durable and easy to clean polyurea coating over stainless with aggregate mixed in to create a surface animals are comfortable walking on.
  • Platform Size - 22" x 36" platform.
  • Auto-Power Shutdown - Automatically shuts down after two minutes of non use when not wall powered.
  • Multiple Power Source Options - Rechargeable battery with AC/DC Adaptor.